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Nine FREE dental emergency preparation tools you must have

If you and your dental team want to be prepared for a patient's emergency in your dental office, these nine FREE tools and resources are MUST HAVES...

If you want to be the safest dental practice in the world, you need to have, and use, an Emergency Response Plan. This guide shows you - step-by-step - what everyone in your office MUST do to ensure effective teamwork and communication during a patient crisis. If you ever have a patient emergency that doesn't go well, the first thing the attorneys and regulators will ask for is a copy of your Emergency Response Plan. Download your free Emergency Response Plan here

Gives you a chair-side cognitive aid for the systematic methodology to check:

  • Airway

  • Breathing

  • Circulation

  • Defibrillation (if required)

  • Emergency drugs/equipment/response plan (including a call to 911)

  • Following up with the correct chair-side memory aid for the needed emergency treatment algorithm

Be prepared for an anaphylaxis emergency with a Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) that contains all of the needed actions, medications, and emergency equipment laid out for you in an easy-to-read format for ready chair-side reference. Our QRC for Anaphylaxis is a cognitive aid that would remind you...

  • That Epinephrine was the first-line treatment drug for anaphylaxis

  • Of the appropriate dose to administer for anaphylaxis

  • Of the appropriate administration routes

After you see one of these Quick Reference Checklists, you'll wonder how you ever thought you'd be totally prepared for an emergency without them. Download your free Anaphlaxis QRC here

50% of all dental patient emergencies will be Syncope. But, research in The Journal of Evidence Based Dental Practice says 86% of dentists are not competent nor prepared to handle a simple emergency like Syncope. 86%! (That's why I'm offering a free chair-side quick reference checklist for Syncope.)  Download your free Syncope QRC here

5. FREE video on how to handle a patient with Syncope ...taught by a national expert on Syncope.

Even though Syncope is the most common dental patient emergency, research shows that "86% of dentists lack the skills for appropriate treatment." 86% are not prepared for the most common patient medical emergency. Let that sink in. 86% are not ready. (Almost 9 out of 10.) Don't be one of the 86% who are NOT ready to provide appropriate treatment during an episode of Syncope! Click here to watch your free video on the clinical management of Syncope

The ADA estimates there are about 3000 life-threatening emergencies in dental offices every year. Emergencies like narcotic overdose. Is your practice prepared for the inevitable? Unfortunately, each year there are reports of dental office personnel not managing an emergency effectively. If a patient dies in your office as a result of a poorly handled emergency, your practice will most likely close within 30 days. Lack of practice CAN lead to loss of practice! Download your free Narcotic OD QRC here

With this free resource, you will get a complete patient treatment record to document every action you take during a patient emergency. This record will help protect you after a medical emergency should any questions arise about how your team responded to the emergency. It's also useful to make a copy to give to EMS techs when they arrive on the scene. If a patient (or their family) files suit, it's not what you say you did, it's what you can document you did. Ask any dentist who has ever been deposed during legal proceedings related to their dental practice. Download your free Emergency Treatment Log here

8. Get more FREE Checklists and Resources Every few months I send out a NEW free checklist or patient safety resources to my mailing list BEFORE I offer it for sale to the public. Click the button below to get added the list of dentists that get the FREE stuff. Why pay for it when you can get it for free? Download your free Emergency Treatment Log here

In the last few weeks, hundreds of dentists have downloaded this free sample Mock Medical Emergency Drills Guide. Why? They learned that 90% of dentists who participated in a study of their readiness for a patient emergency could not locate seven of nine emergency items (e.g., equipment or medications. Another shocking fact that led them to download this free guide is that only 23% of American dentists report having EVER participated in a medical emergency training session after graduation. ONLY 23%!!! Yet research shows that MOCK MEDICAL EMERGENCY DRILLS (e.g. simulation training sessions) are the gold standard for competence among dental professionals in managing medical emergencies. If you don't download anything else, download this. Download your free Sample Mock Medical Emergency Drills Guide here

Medical emergencies do NOT make appointments.

They don't care if you and your dental team are ready for them, or not.

With these nine resources, you can help ensure you and your dental team are ready for patient emergencies.

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