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Prepare Your Dental Practice for an
Opioid Overdose Emergency

Join the safest dentists nationwide who use an

Opioid Overdose Medical Emergency Treatment Algorithm from AAFDO

to protect their patients

“I can’t overstate the opioid crisis. There are numerous references to things like this (deaths) occurring in dental offices.”


Dr. Donald Cohen, DMD

ADA Center for Professional Success

How It Helps Your Practice
patient harm.png
Stop patient harm

Ensure your patients’ safety by being totally prepared for an opioid overdose emergency


Protect your


Avoid a career-killing mistake during an opioid overdose emergency

Get peace of mind

Never live with the crushing memory of not being prepared at the moment of truth

How It Works

Step 1

Recognize an opioid overdose event

The algorithm has easy-to-read reminders of signs and symptoms.


Step 2

Grab the Opioid Emergency Checklist

The algorithm is a one-page, easy-to-follow checklist that you can keep at hand for ready reference. Know exactly what to do next.


Step 3

Follow the Treatment Steps

Clear, simple, action steps are listed for you. Avoid mistakes and respond perfectly.

What’s My Investment?



Be prepared to save a life!


“Unfortunately, I learned that an opioid overdose induced medical emergency can in fact  happen to my dental practice. Fortunately, I was prepared with the AAFDO Opioid Overdose Medical Emergency Treatment Algorithm.

It was a life-saver."


Dr. Theresa L.

Denver, CO

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