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Dental Accreditation Process

Step 1: Contact AAFDO


Start by filling out the Accreditation application.  When your application is reviewed and accepted, the AAFDO national accreditation office will contact you to schedule your survey. If you have any questions about the application process, call AAFDO at 866-902-2336 for quick and responsive answers.

Note: All Accreditation applications are reviewed confidentially and secured on our servers protected by military-grade encryption. Your information is never sold or shared.

Step 2: Prepare for your accreditation survey

Once your application has been accepted and your survey has been scheduled, you will receive via email, detailed instructions on how to prepare for the survey. Following these instructions will help ensure you enjoy the smooth completion of the dental accreditation process.

Several days prior to your scheduled survey, AAFDO will contact you via phone to confirm your preparations are complete and that your office is ready for the Virtual Survey™

Step 3. Conduct a Virtual Survey

The dental accreditation survey is conducted on-line through a web connection using a secure video feed.

Step 4. Publish and Market Your Accreditation Achievement

Upon completion of a successful survey, accredited offices receive an AAFDO Publicity Kit™. this kit includes:

  • Certificate of Excellence that may be displayed in your office. Additional certificates in different formats (e.g. window decals, wooden/brass plaques, etc.) may be ordered through AAFDO.

  • 100 Certificate of Excellence brochures explaining your accreditation achievement to be shared with your patients. Additional brochures can be ordered through AAFDO.

  • A digital folder including image files in various formats you may use on your web site and in your marketing.


Accredited offices will be listed on the AAFDO website.

Accreditation is valid for three years from the date of your final survey approval. AAFDO will send a renewal notice 3 months prior to the expiration of your accreditation.

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