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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

October 12, 2017

You’ve been served -What do you do now?


Here is the all-too-familiar scenario:
It’s just another ordinary Thursday at the dental office, and Dr. John Doe is seeing patients just as he would on any other day at the Doe Dental Clinic. While he is attending a patient, his office assistant suddenly appears and hands him a message that someone in the lobby needs to deliver papers directly to him.

Screen Shot 2021-06-30 at 2.54.41 PM.png

“Oops, I Forgot My Role in an Emergency”


How does your team stay current with emergency procedures? This issue should be a number 1 priority.

Your role in a dental office emergency

“Patient Safety Depends on Dental Office-Based Anesthesia Inspections”


Dental office-based anesthesia (DOBA) inspections need to become a critical patient safety issue in dentistry. Learn why in this article.

Patient safety depends on office-based anestheisa inpsections

“SAMERI Ensures Patient Safety in Sedation Dentistry”


Deaths due to inappropriately used sedation and anesthesia have become a critical patient safety issue in dentistry. In this article, discover how Sedation Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections will stop the growing number of patient deaths.

AAFDO office inspections ensure patient safety

“What Happens When a Patient Dies in Your Office”


When an emergency occurs in your office—and it will—you will sink to the level of your training. If you don’t have the knowledge to respond to the emergency properly, and you haven’t drilled for such situations to perfection, your patient’s life may be at risk. Learn the must-do steps to prevent a patient death in your office.

AAFDO describes what happens to a dentist when a patient dies

“Dental Offices Need Medical Emergency Preparedness Standards”


Dental offices need standards for medical emergency preparedness (MEP). Get a comprehensive overview of those standards in this article.

AAFDO dental offices need emergency preparedness

“The Importance of Mock Drills and Office Inspections”


Dr. Smith (name changed for privacy) had no idea when the case began that by the time it was over his career would be in ruins and he would be the subject of a criminal investigation by local law enforcement.

AAFDO Dentists need to do mock drills for patient safety

“Sedation Regulation Changes and Their Impact on Dental Practice”


An examination of how regulatory trends in dental anesthesia align with professional guidelines and evidence-based care. Ever since early American dentist Horace Wells demonstrated effective use of nitrous oxide in the 1840s, anesthesiology and procedural sedation have been ingrained within dentistry. Without these modalities, many patients would not be able to receive professional dental care.

AAFDO new sedation regulations dentists must know
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