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AAFDO - Accreditation Association for Dental Offices

About Us


The founders of AAFDO realized that with the continuous changes in dentistry, growth in social media, and increased transparency of quality metrics, patients are in search of reputable providers that consistently offer the best quality care. Patients will want to see dentists who demonstrate the ability to maintain compliance in Patient Safety, Quality and use of best practices.

It also became clear to us that with the growth in regulatory agencies and the number of regulations that affect dental practices, dentists have a critical need to know they are meeting all applicable requirements, as well as using the most up to date best practices in all aspects of their dental practice.

As we surveyed the landscape, it was obvious that no single organization, methodology, or resource could meet those mission critical needs for general dentistry. Unlike other healthcare specialties, general dentistry does not have an accrediting entity purposely designed to meet its unique requirements. Thus, AAFDO was born.

Motivated by our passion for patient safety and the delivery of high quality care, we gathered a team of experts to create a single, comprehensive resource to which dentists could turn to ensure they meet all applicable regulations, are using best practices, and providing the safest care. In short, we wanted to enable dentists to answer the question, “Am I maintaining compliance in Patient Safety, Quality and use of best practices?”

We also believe that, as in other healthcare specialties, those practices that meet this stringent level of excellence should be “accredited,” and be able to publicize their achievement.

Our belief in the value of accreditation is fueled by a deep and compelling enthusiasm for the mission of improving our industry by providing a useful and needed service for dentists and great care for our patients.

Our Mission


Enable dentists to provide, and their patients to receive, the safest, highest quality patient-centered care.

Core Values


  • Increase patient safety

  • Save patient lives

  • Reduce overhead costs

  • Reduce medical errors

  • Reduce medications errors

  • Improve your dental team’s skills

  • Improve the performance of yourself and your teams

  • Reduce the risk of negative patient outcomes

  • Improve the level of quality, safety and reliability toward patient care

  • Increase competence and confidence for improved patient outcomes

  • Decrease mortality rates

  • Improve patient care experience

  • Improve team skills

  • Increase heightened morale of your dental team

  • Prevent distraction-induced errors.

Our Accreditation Board of Advisors

Professional and highly trained

Call or Click to start your accreditation process.

Call or Click to start your accreditation process. Certify that you've built the dental practice you dreamed of. Let the world know you've done it with an AAFDO accreditation.

The AAFDO Accreditation Process

Four simple steps to ensure you are providing the safest, highest quality, patient-centered care.


Submit application today


Prepare for your survey with tools provided by AAFDO


Conduct the AAFDO Accreditation Survey™


Publish and market your achievement to your patients with the AAFDO Publicity Kit™

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