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Deliver mistake-free care during patient emergencies with the
Quick Reference Checklist

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Because patient emergencies don't happen often - about once every 2 years -  even well-trained dentists and dental teams often miss known key steps during patient emergencies. This can lead to tragic outcomes for both your patient and your career.


This Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) prevents those potentially career-killing mistakes with chair-side, laminated algorithm cards for 24 critical patient emergencies.

A QRC is a resource containing signs & symptoms, treatment algorithms, and emergency medications & doses relevant to 24 specific patient emergencies. 


It is a clear and accessible reference emergency resource at the point of care – the dental operatory.


The QRC is modeled on the emergency section of the ‘Flight Manual’ used by professional pilots and aviation crews to create the safest transportation system in history.

These 24 cognitive aids are the critical resources that help dental teams to remember or apply their relevant patient emergency knowledge appropriately. With this QRC in your operatories, you will…

Stop patient harm

Ensure your patients’ safety by being totally prepared for any office emergency

Protect your career

Avoid a career-killing mistake during an office emergency

Get peace of mind

Never live with the crushing memory of not being prepared during the inevitable moment-of-truth

How the QRC works

Equip every operatory with its own copy of the QRC


Recognize the patient emergency


Respond to the emergency & treat the patient


Refer to the QRC to ensure key treatment steps are not missed

The QRC is compact, accessible, and loaded with expert medical wisdom, academic research, and practical, simulation-tested protocols


The material in this QRC is not intended to be a substitute for sound medical knowledge and training. Dental teams using the QRC should use their clinical judgment and decision-making for patient management. Since treatment for the emergencies described in this QRC can have variable presentations, a departure, where medically appropriate, from the information presented here is encouraged.

Only $129 for
24 Checklists

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 Quick Reference Checklist set for $129

(plus shipping & handling)

Why you need the set of 24 Quick Reference Checklists (QRC)

  • Simulation studies show that integrating a QRC into the operatory results in better management during patient crises events

  • The QRC covers the treatment algorithm for 24 of the most common dental office patient emergencies

  • During a crisis event, the stacks of relevant literature are rarely accessible

  • Memory worsens under stress and distractions interrupt our planned actions

  • Expertise requires significant repetitive practice, so dental teams are experts in every emergency

  • Recent research suggests that using a QRC improves teamwork, facilitates coordination, decreases stress, and enables the delivery of better patient care

“After becoming a dentist, I learned to fly and got my pilot’s license. For several years, I’ve been looking for checklists to use during a patient emergency - just like I have emergency checklists when I’m flying. This QRC is exactly what I needed. I know how easy it is to forget simple lifesaving skills and protocols during a high-stress, high-pressure event. This is the simple, easy-to-use low-tech solution to keeping my patients safe!”

- Chris R. (Dallas, TX)

What you Get for $129

  • 24 laminated treatment algorithms the most common dental office emergencies

  • A tool that can be used in each operatory for:

    • A pre-event ‘just-in-time’ review for at-risk patients

    • A ready reference during a patient emergency for crisis management

    • A post-event team debriefing

  • A tool that can be used for education, including:

    • Self-review

    • 1:1 or small group teaching

    • Studying for oral exams

    • Simulated emergencies (such as our Mock Medical Emergency Drills Guide) and debriefing sessions

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I’m in.

I want  the

 Quick Reference Checklist set for $129

(plus shipping & handling)

Dentist Office

Get the QRC, Sedation QRC, and Pediatric QRC all in one bundle!


Practice Sedation Dentistry?

Get the Sedation Quick Reference Checklist for only $79

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Sedation QRC for $79

(plus shipping & handling)

Yearly Checkup

Practice Pediatric Dentistry?

Get the Pediatric Quick Reference Checklist for only $99

Contains 12 emergency medical and sedation-related algorithms specifically designed for pediatric dentistry

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Pediatric QRC for $99

(plus shipping & handling)

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