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What Does Dental Accreditation Do For Your Practice? 

Get official recognition

AAFDO is the only organization that provides official recognition for dentists that their practice maintains all regulatory standards requisite for the highest patient safety and quality.

Protect your career

This credential risks-proofs your office against a practice-killing fine. Avoid loss of license, criminal prosecution, fines, lawsuits, and regulatory action.

Grow your practice

Separate your practice from your competitors. Only the best dental practices in the country are accredited.

The AAFDO Accreditation Process

Four simple steps to ensure you are providing the safest, highest quality, patient-centered care.


Submit application today


Prepare for your survey with tools provided by AAFDO


Conduct the AAFDO Accreditation Survey™


Publish and market your achievement to your patients with the AAFDO Publicity Kit™

What's my investment?


For about $2.77 per day, less than a cup of coffee, your accreditation survey credential tells the world that your regulatory compliance, competency, safety, and expertise are the best in the dental profession.




What you get…

A thorough survey conducted by dentistry experts who have collated all of the nationally accepted standards for dental practices into 400 plus criteria in 13 domains of excellence

20 mock emergency drill packages to ensure your office team is at peak performance during an emergency

12hours of CME for up to 5 staff

“Accreditation is the most unique and cost-effective practice-building opportunity for dentists in the last 30 years. Nothing but accreditation can separate you from your competitors, prevent a practice-killing financial penalty from the regulators, reduce your malpractice premiums, give you peace of mind that you are providing the best care possible, and let your patients know that your practice is one of the best in the country. For about $2.77 a day, you can build a risk-proof practice to be proud of. No other investment you can make in your practice will yield the results of accreditation by AAFDO. Do it today..”

Download one of our free resources

"Dentistry Today" Article about SAMERI

(Free article in "Dentistry Today" about Sedation Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections)

Sample Mock Drill

(See a free sample of one of our mock emergency drills with 13 pages of information and checklists)

Certify that you've built a great dental practice

Call or click to begin the accreditation process.

Read Our Disclaimer

The AAFDO is providing information and services through our accreditation program as a benefit and service in furtherance of the AAFDO’s mission


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