Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections for Dental Offices Providing Sedation and/or Anesthesia

Avoid a career-killing mistake by ensuring your office is truly ready to expertly respond to a medical emergency

- especially those related to sedation and/or anesthesia services

Join elite dentists nationwide who are getting Dental Sedation and Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections to protect their patients, save their careers, and satisfy state regulators

“Adverse events in dental office-based settings associated with sedation and/or anesthesia care have continued to occur with unacceptable frequency.”

American Society of Anesthesiology

Stop patient harm

Ensure your patients’ safety by being totally prepared for a sedation/anesthesia emergency.

Protect your career

Avoid loss of license, criminal prosecution, fines, lawsuits, and regulatory action.

Get peace of mind

Never live with the crushing memory of causing a patient death by not being prepared.

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Prepare for Inspection

We’ll send you all you need to prepare for and pass your inspection with ease

Get Inspected

Our dental sedation and anesthesia experts will inspect your office in less than 4 hours

Receive 24 Mock Emergency Drills

Our mock emergency drills guide ensures your dental team is ready for the inevitable patient emergency

What’s My Investment?

What is it costing you, your practice, and your professional career to be inadequately prepared for a sedation/anesthesia emergency in your office?

How many hours and dollars will you spend on attorneys, depositions, lawsuits, criminal investigations, fines, and regulatory action?


For about $1.20 per day, your sedation/anesthesia medical emergency readiness inspection buys you career protection and peace of mind.


($997 if you practice in Alaska)

…for a thorough inspection by an outside entity, conducted by experts who have collated all of the nationally accepted standards for credentialing, licensing, permitting, as well as the criteria for training, education, facility standards, patient selection principles, safety, resuscitative and emergency protocols, PLUS 23 mock emergency drills to practice your emergency response, PLUS CEUs. 

“I have a friend who was Navy SEAL. He told me that in an emergency, my performance would always sink to the level of my training. I never truly understood that until I experienced one of the sedation mock emergency drills provided by AAFDO. If you want to really be ready, get their inspection and mock emergency drills. It will be one of the best investments in your career you could ever make.”
Preston G.

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Sample Mock Emergency  Drill

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