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Why Get Your Dental Practice Accreditation with AAFDO?

Dental Accreditation allows a dental practice to:

  • Achieve one of the key benchmarks measuring the quality of practice

  • Gain peace of mind that it has met the most comprehensive and stringent assessments of standards of care and best practice

  • Illustrate it is a provider of choice and to publicize to the marketplace that its patients are receiving the best care possible in one of the best practices in the country.

  •  30 hours of Continuing Education for all DHCPs in an accredited office over 3 years.


And because the practice has achieved the benchmark of accreditation, the practice should…

  • Improve, and then maintain, the quality of care delivered by your office team

  • Improve risk management

  • Reduce the risk of malpractice

  • Reduce the risk of medical error

  • Prevent distraction-induced errors

  • Prevent patient harm, increase patient safety, and save patient lives

  • Decrease mortality rates

  • Prevent harm to your staff and colleagues

  • Gain world-class education on standards to improve business operations

  • Increase the knowledge, competence and confidence of your staff that they are prepared to provide the best patient outcomes

  • Improve the performance of yourself and your staff

  • Improve the engagement and morale of your staff

  • Enhance staff recruitment, retention, and development

  • Improve the patient care experience

  • Strengthen patient confidence in your practice and in the quality of services you provide

  • Produce a competitive edge in the marketplace

  • Get practical tools to strengthen or maintain performance excellence

  • Know the strengths of your office and identify opportunities for improvement

  • Improve office management processes

  • Stimulate quality improvement and performance excellence

  • Increase staff accountability

  • Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business and thus reduce overhead costs

  • Increase the value of your practice


With the continuous changes in dentistry, growth in social media, and increase in the transparency of quality metrics, patients are in search of reputable providers that consistently offer the best quality care and demonstrate the ability to maintain compliance with national standards of best practice.

Dental Accreditation clearly proclaims that you are a provider of choice.

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