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Emergency Readiness Self Audits

If your practice is ever involved in legal action precipitated by a medical emergency in your office, it's not what you say you've done to prepare for emergencies that matters - it's what you can prove you'e done

Document that your office is truly prepared for patient emergencies.

Join elite dentists nationwide who have completed a Medical Emergency Readiness Self-Audit to document all of the actions they have taken to protect their patients, save their careers, and satisfy state regulators


Stop patient harm

Ensure your patients’ safety by being totally prepared for a sedation/anesthesia emergency.

Protect your career

Avoid loss of license, criminal prosecution, fines, lawsuits, and regulatory action.

Get peace of mind

Never live with the crushing memory of causing a patient death by not being prepared.

Download the Self-Audit today

Purchase the audit by clicking here

Complete the Self-Audit

The checklist has all you need to document your emergency preparedness

Save the completed Audit

To offer as evidence if ever needed in regulatory or legal proceedings

What’s My Investment?

What would it cost you, your practice, and your professional career to be inadequately prepared for an emergency in your office?

How many hours and dollars will you spend on attorneys, depositions, lawsuits, criminal investigations, fines, and regulatory action?


For $49, completing the medical emergency readiness Self-Audit checklist helps protect your career and provides peace of mind.


…for a thorough Self-Audit checklist compiled by experts who have collated all of the nationally accepted standards and criteria for training, education, facility standards, patient selection principles, safety, and resuscitative and emergency protocols, 

“I know that if I am ever sitting across from an attorney in a deposition, they will be asking,  "Doctor, how did you satisfy yourself that you were ready for an emergency?" Having completed the Self-Audit will give me the perfect answer to that question. It is one of the best ways I could ever protect my career.”
Bob C.

Download one of our free resources


BASES Emergency Readiness Checklist

(Comprehensive checklist to help you assess if your practice is ready for a Medical Emergency 

Sample Mock Drill

(See a free sample of one of our mock emergency drills with 13 pages of information and checklists)

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