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This one FREE resource protects more dentists' careers...

...than anything I've seen. Read on to learn how to get it.

It's a chair-side cognitive aid for use during ANY patient emergency to ensure you flawlessly...

...using a systematic methodology of checking:

  • Airway

  • Breathing

  • Circulation

  • Defibrillation (if required)

  • Emergency drugs/equipment/response plan (including a call to 911)

  • Following up with the correct chair-side cognitive aid for the needed emergency treatment algorithm

I've looked at tons of case studies of dental patients who experience adverse events in a dental office. Every one of them has two things in common:

  1. The failure to act quickly to stabilize the situation and prevent things from getting worse

  2. The reluctance to call 911 and get help

This FREE resource STOPS both of those things. It will protect your career.

Here's just one example of a dental case study showing how this tool would have prevented an adverse outcome for the patient.

In August 2022, a patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease visited the dentist to have three teeth extracted with alveoloplasty.

About 50 minutes into the procedure, the patient’s oxygen saturation dropped to 78%, dropping further to 53% about eight minutes later. No other readings were recorded for the patient. The patient became unresponsive. About 40 minutes after the patient began experiencing distress, a staff member called 911.

EMS arrived within 6 minutes.

At the hospital, the patient was admitted to the ICU. Approximately six hours later, the patient experienced another cardiac arrest and died.

Had the dentist used this tool, it would have ensured the patient received 100% oxygen and that a timely call to EMS was made.

But, he didn't and as a result of the suspension resulting from his patient's death, this dentist cannot practice until the charges are resolved... causing untold financial devastation and a lifetime of regret.

He could have protected his career, but he didn't.

Please don't let this happen to you.

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