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A critical job for Dental Assistants

There is a ton of information available online and from those who train dental teams in emergency preparedness. Yet, if you were to ask team members about their roles during an emergency very few could tell you exactly what they are supposed to do.

Having a team that doesn't know what to do in an emergency should send chills down the spine of every dentist. However, setting aside time to role-play emergency procedures is not something most dental teams ever do.

If a time to role-play dental office emergency procedures is never scheduled, how do dental teams stay current or rehearse their emergency procedures? The answer is, they can't!

Here's a great opportunity for a Dental Assistant to take fix the lack of preparedness and take the lead in scheduling time to practice emergencies. The Dental Assistant can serve as the practice's Emergency Officer (EO).

As the EO the Dental Assistant would regularly share updated information on emergency medicine for a dental office, check the dates on medications, schedule the team CPR classes, and discuss the SOPs (standard operating procedures) for practicing emergencies. The EO is the one who makes sure there is a plan, and that all involved know their roles.

The Dental Assistant, acting as the EO, becomes the very first, first responder. Your dentist and your patients will be very grateful you took on this critical role.

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