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Thanks For Your Payment

Congratulations on demonstrating your commitment to patient safety by electing to conduct the Sedation / Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspection (SAMERI) provided by the Accreditation Association for Dental Offices (AAFDO).

You have joined a group of elite dentists across the country who have chosen to get SAMERI to protect their patients, risk-proof their careers, and satisfy state regulators. This inspection will prove to be one of the best "peace-of-mind" decisions you have ever made.


You will soon receive a longer email from me that will explain in detail how we will conduct the inspection, how to prepare for it, and how to leverage the results of your successful inspection when it is complete.


Until then, thank you for your commitment to patient safety.


Best regards,




Rob McCrary, MBA

President & CEO
Accreditation Association For Dental Offices
9198 Crestwyn Hills Drive
Memphis, TN 38125



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