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Quick Reference Checklist (QRC)  |  Sedation QRC  |  Pediatric QRC


Despite the best intentions, well-trained dentists and dental teams often miss known key steps during patient emergencies. This Quick Reference Checklist (QRC) bundle prevents those potentially career-killing mistakes by providing your practice with a bundle of  laminated emergency treatment algorithm cards for patient emergencies. You get 24 emergency checklists for general dentistry, 8 checklists specifc to sedation, and 12 checklists for pediatric dentistry.

This resource contains 3 different sets of cognitive aids (e.g., checklists) relevant for a specific patient emergencies in general dentistry, sedation dentistry, and pediatric dentistry. These QRCs are a clear and accessible reference emergency resource at the point of care – the dental operatory.

Our QRCs are modeled on the emergency section of the ‘Flight Manual’ used by pilots and aviation crews.

Quick Reference Checklist Bundle

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  • Quick Reference Checklist:

    • 24 Medical Emergency laminated algorithms
    • 8 laminated algorithms for sedation dentistry
    • 12 laminated algorithms for pediatric dentistry


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