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Tools and Courses for Dental Assistants
to become Patient Safety Experts
Sample Mock
Emergency Drill Guide (free)
  • 1 sample Mock Emergency Drill

  • 1 sample medical emergency treatment algorithm

  • Pre-Training Checklist

  • Overview of a Emergency Drug Kit Inventory Checklist

Mock Medical
Emergency Drill Guide
  • 23 complete Mock Emergency Drills & emergency treatment algorithms

  • Emergency Drug Kit Inventory Checklist

  • Medical Emergency Plan

  • Pre-Training Checklist & Post-Training Checklist

Patient Risk Factor Matrix
  • History & Physical Assessment Checklist

  • Patient Risk Factor Matrix scoresheet and instructions

  • Patient Risk Factor Decision-Making Algorithm

Sedation / Anesthesia Medical Emergency Readiness Inspections
  • Covers over 100 criteria in sedation and/or anesthesia training, education, facility standards, patient selection principles, safety, resuscitative and emergency protocols

Opioid Overdose Medical Emergency Treatment Algorithm
  • Opioid Overdose Mock Emergency Drill

  • Opioid Overdose emergency treatment algorithm

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