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Why Every Practice Must Prepare for Office Emergencies 

Emergencies Will Happen

It is not a question of "If" but "When." On average, a dental practice has an emergency every 2 years and a serious patient emergency every 4 years.

Preparation Protects Careers

Emergency preparation risks-proofs your career against a practice-killing mistake. Avoid loss of license, criminal prosecution, fines, lawsuits, and regulatory action.

Patients Expect It

Research shows that patients already expect you are investing time and resources in preparing for emergencies. Failure to do so is a breech of their trust..

MEPDO Training & Tools for Emergency Preparation

How we help dental teams provide the safest, highest quality, patient-centered care.


Advanced Life Support Training for...



Tell the world that your regulatory compliance, competency, safety, and expertise are the best in the profession 

Medical Emergency Preparation for Dental Offices is the most comprehensive and effective risk-proofing opportunity for dentists in the last 30 years. This is serious preparation from safety experts that can prevent a practice-killing financial penalty from the regulators, stop a career-ending lawsuit, and let your patients know that your practice is one of the best in the country. No other investment in emergency training can give you the peace of mind that you are providing the safest care possible.


Do it today.

Download one of our free resources


BASES Emergency Readiness Checklist

(Free! A comprehensive checklist to help you assess if your practice is ready for a Medical Emergency)

Sample Mock
Emergency Drill

(See a free sample of one of our mock emergency drills with 13 pages of information and checklists)

Invest $49 and begin risk-proofing your dental practice

Conduct a thorough Self-Audit checklist compiled by safety experts who have collated all of the nationally accepted standards and criteria for training, education, facility standards, patient selection principles, safety, and resuscitative and emergency protocols.

Find out today if you are

Medical Emergency Unprepared


Medical Emergency Prepared

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The AAFDO, through Medical Emergency Preparation for Dental Offices, is providing information and services as a benefit to the dental profession and in the furtherance of our mission.


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