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Despite the best intentions, well-trained dentists and dental teams often miss known key steps during patient emergencies. This Quick Reference Checklist {(QRC) prevents those potentially career-killing mistakes with laminated algorithm cards for 24 critical patient emergencies.

This resource contains a set of cognitive aids (e.g., checklists) relevant for specific patient emergency that can occur in a dental office. The QRC is a clear and accessible reference emergency resource at the point of care – the dental operatory.


The QRC is modeled on the emergency section of the ‘Flight Manual’ used by pilots and aviation crews.

Quick Reference Checklist

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    • 24 Medical Emergency laminated algorithms
    • A tool that can be used in each operatory for:
    • Pre-event ‘just in time’ review for at-risk patients
    • Reference during a patient emergency for crisis management
    • Post-event team debriefing
    • A tool that can be used for education, including:
      • Self-review
      • 1:1 or small group teaching
      • Studying for oral exams
      • Simulated emergencies (such as our Mock Medical Emergency Drills Guide) and debriefing sessions
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