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Don't Let This Happen To Your Dental Practice


Recently, a young boy of 4 was taken to a children's dentistry office in Oakland, CA for a simple procedure. Undergoing anesthesia, the child stopped breathing and had to be rushed to the local hospital where he died the next day.

The practice is now undergoing an investigation and lawsuits could follow. This is the type of nightmare scenario that every dentist dreads. However, ,you can prevent this from happening to your own practice by conducting a mock emergency drill so you're ready if a situation like this ever occurs.

Just complete the form below to get your FREE mock emergency drill and feel confident that your office knows how to respond in every situation.

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Sample Mock Emergency Drill

Set aside a time every month for a short training session. Ensure you have the proper training materials and equipment as listed in the scenario.


Conduct the scenario in real time with the proper training aids. Practice your callouts and actions steps.


Provide feedback to one another on how well the practice matched the expected model of performance.

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"Wow, until our staff did one of these mock drills, we had no idea how ill-prepared we were for an emergency. Now, I feel more confident that we'll do the right thing when it matters."

Mary C.

Atlanta, GA

Complete the form to get your free Sample Mock Emergency Drill
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