Duane Tinker, Advisory Board Member

Duane Tinker


A former dental cop Duane used to investigate dentists for issues including Infection Control problems, drug diversion, healthcare (Medicaid) fraud, unprofessional conduct and other (sometimes unintentional, yet self-treasonous) acts. In Duane's investigative days most of the dentists Duane was assigned to investigate were good people who meant well, or did not intend to do wrong. Duane discovered a few things, such as:

1) the concept of ‘intent’ when it comes to alleged wrongdoing by dental practitioner is a misnomer – if a wrongful act occurred then ‘intent’ is presumed as intentional and willful;

2) dentists have to systems of checks and balances in place to ensure and demonstrate their integrity to outside auditors and inspectors;

3) there are few resources available to help dentists and their staff keep up with changes in laws and regulations;

4) dentists need the experience of an outsider to provide them objective feedback about what goes on in their practice, the state of their compliance, risk management and quality control systems.


The unfortunate reality is few dentists are adequately prepared for an audit. The harsh reality is that it is a matter of when, not ‘if’ a dentist will be audited. Today auditors are not necessarily looking for fraud, but for mistakes. Dentists are monetarily liable for gaps in compliance, even mistakes. Duane and his team audits dental practices, update/ implement compliance programs and train dentists and their staff to help ensure that dentists prevail under scrutiny by government agencies and insurance carriers, which is an increasing concern.


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