Advanced Life Support for Dental Assistants (ALSDA)

Prepares Dental Assistants to be the Patient Safety Expert that Dentists and Their Patients Need Them to Be

Risk-proof your dental practice against inevitable medical emergencies during dental treatment that are increasing in...

  • Frequency

  • Intensity

  • Diversity

On average, a dental office has an emergency once every 4 years. When it occurs, it can be life-threatening, so the dental office must be prepared.

“Busy dental offices see thousands of patients each year and keeping those visits safe for everyone is essential. Dental assistants are on the front lines of keeping both patients and providers safe.”


Value of Dental Assistants to the Dental Practice

a report commissioned by the DALE Foundation, the official affiliate of the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB)

Are Your Dental Assistants Ready to Help You Keep Patients Safe?

Statistics suggest a fatality will occur in a large dental practice within the next 5 years.

Dental practices that experience a fatality typically close permanently within 1 month of the event.

How ALSDA prepares Dental Assistants
for their role as patient safety experts

ALSDA Equips Your Assistants for their Safety Role


The course prepares Dental Assistants to be the critical link in patient safety and emergency readiness.  If they're prepared, then the office is prepared.

ALSDA Provides All of the Critical Safety Skills DAs Need


This online course provides all of the critical safety skills Dental Assistants must have to become a patient safety expert in your office. Completed it at their pace and in the comfort of their home.

ALSDA Provides Mock Medical Emergency Drills


You'll get everything you need to practice emergencies before they happen - ensuring you're ready for every possible emergency scenario.

Why Your Dental Assistants Need ALSDA


1) Dental office medical emergencies happen every day across the country and no practice is immune from the possibility of a medical emergency,


2) The emergency preparation of the Dental Assistant is one of the most critical factors in how well the dental team responds to the increasing number of medical emergencies. 


3) Existing courses such as Basic Life Support (BLS), although a critical foundation for handling emergencies do not totally prepare the Dental Assistant to respond effectively to a medical emergency.


Bottom line?


ALSDA prepares Dental Assistants to responsibly play their critical

role in patient safety and to effectively respond to dental office medical emergencies.


How Your Practice Benefits
  • You'll be better prepared to competently handle dental office medical emergencies.

  • Your dental office will be a safer place for patients to undergo treatment.

  • You'll have a team member equipped to drive the improvement of the performance of the dental team in the use of emergency equipment, medications, and emergency treatment protocols.

  • With better emergency preparation, you'll help the dental industry reduce the number and severity of negative emergency outcomes.

Get these benefits now by getting the ALSDA training course for your Dental Assistants

What’s My Investment?

$249 for an individual Dental Health Care Provider

$229 per DHCP in the same dental office (minimum of 6)

$199 per DHCP in the same dental office (minimum of 11)


  • 5 online training modules worth 15 hours of Continuing Education credit

  • 24 medical emergency treatment algorithms worth another 24 hours of CE credit if you conduct the mock drills

  • Emergency Drug Kit Inventory Checklist

  • Medical Emergency Plan

  • Pre-Training Checklist

  • Post-Training Checklist

ALSDA online Emergency Preparedness Training includes:

  • Sedation Anesthesia Management

  • Emergency Medication Competency (Adult)

  • Pediatric Emergency Medication Competency

  • Anaphylaxis Competency

  • Automated External Defibrillator Competency

  • 15 hours of Continuing Education Credit for online training

Additional Training Resources Provided Upon Completion of Online Training include:

  • 24 medical emergency treatment algorithms

  • Emergency Drug Kit Inventory Checklist

  • Medical Emergency Plan

  • Pre-Training Checklist for Mock Emergency Drills

  • Post-Training Checklist for Mock Emergency Drills

Not ready to commit?

AAFDO also offers a payment plan of $25 per month for individual Dental Health Care Providers.


Still not convinced of the value? Click below for other patient safety resources for Dental Assistants.

“Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that a medical emergency can in fact happen in my office to one of my patients. I wish I had already taken the ALSDA course and gotten prepared correctly. In the middle of the emergency, I realized that I needed to be the traffic cop in all of the frantic activity. I wasn’t ready for it. Don’t make the same mistake I made. Get ready now.

Janice R.

Boise, ID

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